Baile Announced as 2013 AAPG Foundation Chairman's Award Recipient

Richard Baile has been identified as the AAPG Foundation’s 2013 Chairman’s Award recipient. But this isn’t Dick’s first rodeo, as they might say in Houston. The Texan is a long-time Foundation supporter…to the tune of over three decades long.

An accomplished businessman with a degree from the University of Central Missouri, Dick is knowledgeable in numerous areas of geology, gas and oil. A Trustee Associate since 1980, he is considered a legacy for his commitment to the Foundation which is manifest in consistent contributions to the General Fund. These donations allow Trustees to facilitate projects at their discretion. In addition, Dick has supported numerous grants and academic scholarships. Some of the friends and colleagues honored by his monetary gifts include L. Austin Weeks, Hugh Looney, Merrill Haas, and ‘Pops’ Harkins.

But these aren’t the only gifts Mr. Baile brings to the Foundation; his consistent attendance at meetings, even now at age 92, has been an invaluable support. It’s obvious this WWII veteran is passionate about the Foundation’s continued effect on and success in the international geological community. He has initiated many interesting conversations, presenting unique and even controversial ideas. Of this, he proudly quipped, “I’ve been known as ‘Don Quixote’!”

Concerning this award and the many acknowledgements he’s received over the years, Dick humbly said, “All these are very gratifying.”